Industry wide integrated solution

Industry wide integrated solution

Xibervision supplies industry-wide integrated solutions based on digital signages. It helps users to effectively deal with decentralized, fragmented. Based on cloud-deployed server, Xibervision docks real business system seamlessly, and spreads variety of multimedia information (video, pictures, text business data, etc.) into playback devices quickly, safely and efficiently, through network methods of LAN, WAN, WIFI, 4G, etc. Meanwhile xibervision pushes variety play forms to target customer groups, and real-time controls and in-depth analyzers operational efficiency and release effect, which really helps customers maximize value of information dissemination.


Multi terminals, cross platform Support

Unified communication protocol and polymorphic seamless access equipment’s are provided. A platform achieves unified management and unified information release. Various device models are supported, including embedded poster screen/terminal, android poster screen/terminal, X86 poster screen/terminal, LED synchronous/asynchronous screens, etc.
System upgrade ensures backward compatibility, and is compatible to IE and use IE kernel browser. Main browsers are supported, such as firefox, chrome, etc.




Main function features

Various media styles are supported, such as picture, video, music, slide show, interactive application, web page, texts and so on.

Display console LOGO, date/time/week, weather forecast and instant subtitles are supported.

Customized screen templates, various and flexible interface layouts and split-screen displayed or full-screen displayed could be realized according to clients preference.

Dragging and dropping style programming are supported, SYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing effects is possible.

Simple and clear control interface. Multi-directional control of the releasing time, sequence, frequencies, contents and locations are easily achieved and programs releasing is well organized.

Intelligent schedule planning, multi-playing modes, such cycling, timing and inserting are supported.

Programs previewing, multi-level auditing and security checking at each level will make sure information is delivered accurately.

Organization’s hierarchial management of users, terminal players, materials, broadcast lists are able to be achieved.

Centralized management of advertiser information, materials and price strategies can be supported. Broadcast logs could be well summarized and customer relation management is clearer.

Super multi-period timing switch function is included. No person is required for the operation management.

One touch control for terminal remote management, volume setting, display devices switching, restarting, sleeping and other functions are supported.

Terminal remote monitoring and real-time status review are supported. Plentiful reports and management report could be provided.