Outdoor LED Street Pole


Digital Streamers (Digital pole signs)

The selection of Digital Streamers’ advertising plays a crucial role in your ad enhancement for your brand. Streamers are the most renowned sorts of brand advertisement which contribute value as well as relevancy to your brand.


Display Brightness 3000 - 7500 NITS
Calibrated brightness varies from SMD to SMD
Aspect Ratio (L:H) 9:16
SMD Drive Constant-current drive 1/4 - 1/8 scan
Lifetime (hours) 100,000 hours
Interface Servicing Front and back serving optional
Communication options DVI, VGA, LAN, USB, HDMI, Wire Ethernet, Fiber Ethernet, RF wireless, GPRS,3G ETC
Power AC220V/380V±10%, 50Hz
Others Signal transmission direction Vertical
Operating temperature -20°C +50°C
Storage temperature -35°C +70°C
Operation humidity (RH) 25% ~ 95%RH
Control mode Synchronous & asynchronous available
Maximum power ≤1200W/m(p8)
consumption (W/SQM) ≤1200W/m(p8)
Average power ≤450W-500W/m(p8)
consumption (W/SQM) ≤400W-500W/m