Queue Management System

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Queue Management System

Cybersoft solutions is one of the leading Digital signage solutions in the International and Local Market.
Cybersoft is known to provide services exactly as per the client requirements with a blend of Innovation.
We have introduced a new concept for QMS with advanced analytics and smart integration with digital signage devices.
XV-QMS (XiberVision Queue Management System) provides the end-to-end solution from Services Management to Device Health Monitoring, Advanced Analytics and Disaster Recovery.


Ticket Dispenser

  • Services options to choose from (Configurable from CMS)
  • Built-in Printing
  • Detailed info ticket printing
  • Password protected (Prevents navigation to other screens without password)
  • Average wait time prediction
  • Logs (For maintenance and issue tracking)
  • State-full (Creates backup in case of hardware failure)

Digital Signage & Wall mount master display unit

  • Displays Counter number along with their currently serving tokens
  • Displays update when new token is called
  • Displays promotional contents images/videos
  • TTS to announce new called tickets with counter numbers

Counter Display unit

  • Displays current serving token number along with counter number
  • Displays break message if the counter operations are paused

Feedback Management System unit

  • Simple user interface with interactive options
  • Gets customer feedback in Good, Average, Bad category
  • Saves customer details (optional)