Temperature Measurement & Face Recognition Peer Management Module

IntelliPass Screening Solution for EARLY DETECTION OF HIGH RISK INDIVIDUALS with Automated Temperature Measurement and Mask Detection.

Today world workplace is required to meet the new Health safety compliance initiatives by providing temperature scanning for the safety of personnel . IntelliPass from Cybersoft meets these requirements with a cost efficient (Rapid ROI) with audit-able compliance data Temperature measurement & Mask detection is done using a high performance and speed hardware platform which is equipped with an Industrial-grade binocular camera and face biometric recognition technology and uses an infrared thermal imaging module for temperature readings. The IPSS-Terminal provides very fast face detection for matching and retrieval of face within its 30000 face database on the device along with automatic detection of mask. The industry best thermal imager units perform the human temperature detection and warns on high temperature detected with audio and visual alerts. This platform can be extended to various peripherals such as ID card reader, fingerprint reader. With its industry standard electric gate interface It can open/close the gate on successfully meeting the criteria specified in the application settings. The accompanying portal, that can be used in the cloud as hosted account or deployed locally on the internal data center, provides real time data log that is used to produce compliance reports required by authorities and populate the dashboards to manage the people flow.

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