Digital signage in education is a powerful tool that can enhance the learning experience for students and teachers alike. These displays can be used for a variety of purposes such as displaying important announcements, schedules, and other information, as well as interactive learning activities.
Digital signage also allows for real-time updates, making it easy for teachers to share new information and resources with students. Furthermore, digital signage can be integrated with other educational technology, such as learning management systems, to provide a seamless and efficient experience for students. By displaying interactive content, videos, and images, digital signage in education can make learning more engaging, interactive and memorable.
Additionally, digital signage can help to create a more dynamic and inviting learning environment, and can also be used for wayfinding and other important information inside the school building.

Digital signage is intrusive and draws eyeballs, enabling school administrators to:


Post school announcements and update them on the fly from the cloud-based software.

Override normal content to share emergency messaging and instructions on what to do.

Post automated event listings to drive attendance to school events.

Offer navigational assistance by displaying building directories and school wayfinding

Promote healthy meals and display nutritional information on the cafeteria digital menu boards.

Display infotainment e.g. a March Madness scoreboard, social media to keep students engaged.